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Jsf2 and spring integration in dynamic web project

August 18, 2013 Leave a comment

in this blog I show how you can run JSF2 as the web view framework but integrate with spring web application context to get to business services, etc.

This is a set on the way to getting JSF2, Primefaces (just a JSF2 library and widgets) and grails2 to work together. This is the next baby step on the way.

see the attached word file that takes you through the steps required to do this

jsf – spring integration example steps

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Getting a basic primefaces jsf web project to work …

August 16, 2013 6 comments

I had some tricky moments getting the basic primefaces jsf project to work – it started out by not rendering my .xhtml p: tags.

I went back to basics, a couple of forum hits later, etc and have documented step by step how to get the example in the primefaces documentation to work.  This is on the way to getting primefaces to work with Grails 2.

so baby steps first – here we go – no grails just a basic dynamic web project using primefaces tags – i’ve linked to the following word document showing how to do this.

basic primefaces jsf project

I hope this will help others past the early frustration when first trying to get primefaces/jsf to work as you’d expect

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