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Things to know about SWT, and groovy builders Part 2

January 8, 2013 2 comments

i’ve extended the documentation for SWT builder and put better structure into it with a ToC to those who may copy it.

however i’m still fighting with some bugs/issues especially at the mo with bind, that i have not fully resolved.  I’ll add an additional post once i get that bottomed out

see latest in attached word file Wills Groovy SWT tutorial v0.3

this is somewhat work in progress at now at v0.3

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Things to know about SWT, and groovy builders …

December 18, 2012 Leave a comment

i’ve been trying to deconstruct what the groovy SwtBuilder is doing as it doesn’t work as i wish, especially where you want to create a composite widget in a builder and link into a bigger SWT app

I went back to basics – i joined the codehause xirces svn server and located the SwtBuilder module – takes bit of digging.  downloaded that into an eclipse project and feed it all the jars it needs to build  for in my case juno 4.2 – including the SWT jar –

this took some while but i got there – i’ll add list later

however SWT is not as simple as i thought and i ran quickly into my first road block and only just found fix.  if you dont pack() your widgets – then no explicit size has been set and it assumes 0 – ie not visible.  so you either have to use a layout or pack each widget when finished declaring it for it to show

i’ve added a first draft tutorial for those who may wish to comment – this is being actively updated based on explorations with the groovy-swt builder

Wills Groovy SWT tutorial  v0.1



thus, for some shell (no layout set) then the call to pack() must be there to have the button show in the window

</p><p><br />def button = new Button (shell, SWT.PUSH)<br />button.text = 'my button2'<br />button.pack() //doesnt show if size not set <br /><br /></p><p>
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