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another silly gotcha grails 2.4 and plugin development with integration testing

November 15, 2014 Leave a comment

just wasted an hour getting the to the bottom of this. Hope this saves you some of that.

i just created a new Grails plugin project using grails 2.4.4 using GGTS. Plugin project gets created fine.

I created a couple of domain classes and tried to run an integration test.

hah first point. The grails documentation hasn’t caught up with what the code does. The documentation for unit tests still refers to extending the GroovyTestCase. However this is no longer what the code generator assumes you should do. Generating a integration test and you see the class now extends

import grails.test.spock.IntegrationSpec
class xxxSpec extends IntegrationSpec {

    def setup() {

    def cleanup() {

    void "test something"() { 

slightly annoying point is that spoc which is the default test runner assumes that you have the
when :, then:, expect: or similar blocks to be happy and the default template generation doesn’t do this for you. as a Newbie this can catch you out if you try and run tests.

however the key waste of time today was with a new plugin project. By default the plugin project doesn’t load the hibernate plugin in buildConfig.groovy. When you run your integration test it throws a weird error along the lines of

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Method on class [Domain class] was used outside of a Grails application

which throws you completely. What says you? of course i’m running grails that’s integration tests do for you. The answer is that missing hibernate plugin which causes the problem. I eventually found this on stackoverflow .

add the runtime plugin for hibernate in buildConfig and off you go

there are it appears other issues when using functional testing – but i’ve not got that far. part of the resolution to that requires you to include another plugin : remote-control plugin. I’ve included the link here as i’m bound to need it later

There is another bug also hibernate4 doesn’t inject the dateCreated, lastUpdated Dates automatically. you have to roll back to and then it works as expected in integration tests

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